Donation to hospitals - Arriva Italia

€ 10,000 donated to Brescia hospitals to counter the emergency

Arriva SIA, a Brescia company of the Arriva group that operates in the suburban and urban public transport sector, participates in the fundraising to purchase B-pap respirators for Brescia hospitals, whose intensive care units are severely tested by the Covid-19 emergency. .

In fact, 10,000 euros were donated to the Fondazione Comunità Bresciana Onlus, which specified that at the top of the list of current emergencies there are currently assisted ventilation equipment and medical devices essential for those who are seriously affected by the virus and for all the healthcare personnel.

As Angelo Costa, CEO of Arriva Italia wanted to underline, “I believe that today, in the dramatic situation we find ourselves in, we must take action through concrete and timely gestures. Lombard health is being severely tested by this emergency and I believe it must be supported immediately. We have therefore willingly joined the initiative to donate 10,000 euros to Brescia’s hospitals and I hope that the commitment of all of us will help to get out of this situation as soon as possible“.