Arriva Group signs a partnership with TomTom Telematics to reduce CO2 emissions - Arriva

Arriva Group signs a partnership with TomTom Telematics to reduce CO2 emissions

  • Arriva signed a contract with TomTom Telematics, a Bridgestone Group company, to further improve the quality of the service offered
  • Thanks to the implementation of innovative driving techniques, Arriva aims to reduce CO2 emissions by over 72,000 tons per year
  • Specific training in ecological driving and the possibility of verifying your driving style through the use of these technologies will help more than 32,000 bus drivers make more comfortable and sustainable journeys for passengers.

A partnership has been signed between Arriva, one of the main international passenger transport groups and present in Italy through Arriva Italia and TomTom Telematics, recently acquired by Bridgestone. Thanks to this project, the drivers of 15,000 buses distributed in 10 countries will adopt a more conscious and comfortable driving style, allowing to obtain fuel consumption in line with higher standards by reducing polluting emissions.

In Italy, Arriva has been present since 2002 through Arriva Italia, which holds a share of around 5% in the Italian market, providing passenger transport services both at urban and interurban level mainly in northern Italy, as well as connection services with the airports of Turin and Milan. He currently manages a portfolio consisting of 9 operating companies, including two joint ventures with local partners in Como and Trieste, public transport services for around 100 million buses / km per year, 2,300 vehicles and 3,400 employees.

Arriva is strongly committed to reducing the global impact of travel, improving the air quality in congested cities and minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities. This investment in technology that allows drivers to be given all the information about their driving style will allow Arriva to reduce the fuel use of its road services by over 6% per year, cutting the CO2 emissions of over 72,000 tons. A reduction in harmful emissions equivalent to those generated by over 15,000 cars over the course of a whole year.

The introduction of TomTom Telematics systems represents an investment on our drivers, said Angelo Costa, CEO of Arriva Italia. On their every journey, the almost 3000 Arriva drivers in Italy must adopt the most suitable procedures to safely transport passengers to destination with the highest level of comfort and safety. Our drivers, in addition to constant training, will be equipped with the most modern technologies to drive to the best of their ability. By doing all this, they will be able to offer an even safer and more comfortable service to passengers, also significantly reducing the use of fuel and CO2 emissions“.

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of TomTom Telematics said: “Arriva has recognized the benefits that can be obtained by improving the accessibility of information and allowing drivers to improve their driving performance. Our fleet management solution, WEBFLEET , provides Arriva with in-depth information on areas for improvement through its extensive network. For example, it highlights the inefficiencies that affect the amount of fuel consumed in a day. We are delighted that our innovative technology will continue to help Arriva achieve its goals. environmental and long-term operations“.

The contract will include the installation of the technology on the bus fleet Arrives in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The companies Arriving in Denmark, Portugal, Serbia and Sweden already mount a different technology on their buses.