Planner Internship - Arriva

Planner Internship

Published 06.05.2020

Status: Open

Arriva Italia

Profile name: Planner


The resource included within the Engineering team will support colleagues in the following tasks:

  • Planning the activities on the territory taking into account the maintenance plans, priorities and resources available;
  • Coordination of the planning meeting between Operation and Maintenance;
  • Technical analysis on the means finding causes and solutions;
  • Maintenance planning: criteria to be adopted, methodologies, schedules, troubleshooting manuals, tool setting, operational flows and control and management metrics;
  • Collection of requests from “internal customers”, organizes the proposals, activates the related business plans by integrating with the customers;
  • Monitoring of warehouse management, periodic statistical inventories, rotations, unchanged and activation of corrective actions;
  • Management of Full Service vehicle warranties in collaboration with local technical managers. Finally he will participate in the project teams on specific activities.

Qualification or course of study

Mechanical engineering with orientation in “Mechanical design” or “Plant design” or “Propulsion of land vehicles”. Electrical or electronic engineering. Management engineering.

Training objective

The training objective is to develop the engineering skills of the inserted resources. You will have the opportunity to become part of a complex context and to collaborate with colleagues from different study and professional paths, developing transversal technical skills between different engineering disciplines.

The resource will be able to develop its skills in the field of transport engineering and economics, vehicle mechanics, planning and analysis. Furthermore, soft skills such as teamwork, problem solving and priority management will be developed.


We are looking for two resources to be inserted respectively in the offices of:

  • Grugliasco (TO), Via della Repubblica, 14
  • Brescia, Via Cassala 3 / A

What we offer

Extracurricular internship with reimbursement of expenses; stimulating and professional environment.

How to apply

Send an email attaching your CV and indicating the location of interest to