IT Internship - Arriva

IT Internship

Published 02.06.2020

Status: Open

Arriva Italia

Profile name: Full Stack Web Developer Junior


You will be inserted in the IT team that deals with the implementation and maintenance of back-office / web applications such as webportal, intranet platform, mobile app, API Gateway and ERP Interface. You can use development and programming skills to implement architecture with a testing and quality oriented approach. You will be asked to propose creative solutions and to implement them using your technical skills with increasing autonomy.

Qualification or course of study

Degree / Master’s degree in Computer science or computer engineering

Technical skills required

  • Web Design principles and basic knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript client-side, basic skills required on at least one of the main frontend frameworks (knowledge of Vue.js will be considered preferential requirement)
  • Node.js (backend)
  • Familiarity with REST architecture and RESTful API development
  • Familiarity with microservice backend architecture
  • Knowledge of WordPress

Training objective

The training objective is to develop the technical and IT skills of the inserted resource by giving greater autonomy. The resource will collaborate with different teams and corporate functions and will be able to develop their soft skills such as the analysis, the resolution of problems in a creative way and the management of priorities.


Milan, via Trebazio 1

What we offer

Extracurricular internship with reimbursement of expenses; welfare initiatives dedicated to all Arriva employees, a stimulating and professional environment.

How to apply

Send an email attaching your CV to